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Thank you for participating in our We Care Connect Young People Personal Hygiene Pack pilot program, and we hope that you were pleased with the packs you have received.

As you will understand this is a high-cost program for us to deliver. Currently We Care Connect is fully funding this project but to continue beyond this pilot we will need to seek supportive grants .

For this reason it is really important for us to gather survey information to give us quantitative analysis data to ensure we get it right and to support funding applications. Therefore please, please help us by completing this short survey. Many thanks.
Organization Information and Questions
Name:                Kimberley Alsop

Organization:    Wesley Mission, Gosford
Your assessment of the quality of the packs provided
Can you share why you felt this was needed for your client, and what difference it might have made to them?:   
Children Questions
Child 1 Family NameBoylan

Gender/Age:               Girl 16
Your assessment of the child’s hygiene before requesting support:
How interested was this young person in receiving the Personal Hygiene Pack?
What is your confidence level that this young person will use the Personal Hygiene Pack?
Comments (optional):